Wedding Ring Blue Diamond to Boost Your Elegance

Besides appearing beautifully in pink tone, diamond actually also comes elegantly in blue color. Unlike its rival, the blue amethyst, the blue diamond offers deeper blue scheme inside a fabulous sparkling stone called diamond. No wonder that most people love to apply the blue diamond to decorate their exclusive wedding ring. Generally, the blue diamond definitely looks more elegant than usual blue stone for ring ornament. That’s why we suggest you to wear this wedding ring blue diamond at your wedding vows. The blue ring may reflect royal, glory and deep meaning of eternal love between the groom and bride at the same time.

Wedding Ring Blue Diamond 2013 Wedding Ring Blue Diamond to Boost Your Elegance

Well, talking about the wedding ring blue diamond, we have to talk about the model and design too. It is a very essential topic to discuss since the blue diamond will not be meaningful without a gorgeous wedding ring model. Let’s find the best ring design for your bridal in the blue diamond style. By the way, do you know Marquise diamond cut style? Well, this diamond cut is known as rhomboid cut. In this case, the diamond will be cut in rhomboid shape to decorate the ring band. This rhomboid diamond cut is precisely simple yet fabulous especially to form the blue diamond. Today, we are going to mix the blue diamond grains and black metal prongs. Basically, the white gold ring for bride is designed simply with thin band and some tiny grains of white diamond as band embellishment. Once the white ring is ready, four blue diamond grains in round shape are arranged in rhomboid pattern.

Wedding Ring Blue Diamond Images Wedding Ring Blue Diamond to Boost Your Elegance

Wedding Ring Blue Diamond Ideas Wedding Ring Blue Diamond to Boost Your Elegance

In the final result, the blue diamond grains and the black prongs are arranged in such a way to form a gorgeous rhomboid shape. This elegant Marquise ring even looks more exclusive with a black line which is attached along the band under the rhomboid blue diamonds. The wedding ring blue diamond also appears in different concepts. Some of the model samples are displayed in this post to inspire us. Generally, the rings come with the blue and white diamond combination to dominate the ring ornament. As you wish, you will be very adorable appearing with that blue diamond band on your finger.

Wedding Ring Blue Diamond Styles Wedding Ring Blue Diamond to Boost Your Elegance

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