Wedding Invitation Wording Rules to Obey

Wedding invitation is very crucial when we are going to throw a wedding ceremony. It doesn’t matter how the invitation card is made and design. The most important thing here is how to choose wedding invitation wording properly so that it is legible for everyone who read it. Basically, there are some aspects or rules in making a good invitation that must be understood and followed. The first aspect of the invitation card is name of event. Well, people whom you invite should know the event. On the other side, they also should know the time and date when they should come. In this case, we have to choose the date and time wisely by considering the guests’ activities.

Wedding Invitation Wording Etiquette Wedding Invitation Wording Rules to Obey

Don’t even think to throw the wedding day during the busy time such as on Sunday to Thursday in the morning. Except it is a holiday, there will be no body who attend to your wedding party. Try to write or print the date and time clearly in the wedding invitation. We can re-size the wedding invitation wording font wisely depending on this significant aspect. In the other word, there must be a wedding venue where the guest can come easily. If the location is quite strange or new for the guests, we can help them find the venue with a small map printed on the invitation card. If the ceremony and reception take different places, we also must write down both venues on the wedding invitation card.

Wedding Invitation Wording from Bride and Groom Wedding Invitation Wording Rules to Obey

Wedding Invitation Wording for Friends Wedding Invitation Wording Rules to Obey

Since it is a wedding invitation card, we should write down the name of the newlyweds. Thus, people who read it will eventually know who will marry whom. In fact, style of the wedding invitation wording comes in high variety. Some people want to write the invitation wording without any numeral. They prefer to write the wording longer in alphabetic concept. Well, this style is unique of course. Unfortunately, you will require larger invitation card to accommodate this wording style. A simple wording on the invitation card is recommended. At least we have known the basic rules of how to make a good invitation card for bridal moment.

Wedding Invitation Wording Samples Wedding Invitation Wording Rules to Obey

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