Wedding Hair Combs Models Collection

To be a charming bride is not a difficult thing. Every woman can be very charming if she desire. And in fact, being a charming bride doesn’t require much energy, time and even money. Generally, some women think that they should rent a talented and expensive hairstylist to make them beautiful on the big day. Otherwise, we are even able to do this beauty project by ourselves at home. Do you believe it, girls? Well, this project only needs wedding hair combs to support your modest and charming appearance. How is it? It is so simple, isn’t it? Now, you must be thinking that we are not wrong.

Wedding Hair Combs and Clips Wedding Hair Combs Models Collection

As like normal hair comb, the wedding hair combs are purposely designed with a line of comb installed on a single handle. Compare with the normal comb, this hair comb ornament appears in shorter handle with curving comb on it. With that shorter handle and fewer combs, this hair comb ornament provides more space to place a set of embellishment on the handle. Finally, the handle of the comb ornament is a focal point that you will see on a bride’s hair as a hair accessory. In general, the wedding hair comb is made of metal. This kind of heavy hair accessory is well-known from long time ago. No wonder that many women receive it from their mother or grandmother. From generation to generation, this vintage hair accessory experiences some alterations. In this case, the hair comb models become more and more beautiful and modern following the trend in fashion field.

Wedding Hair Combs Cheap Wedding Hair Combs Models Collection

Wedding Hair Combs Pearl Wedding Hair Combs Models Collection

Let’s discover the vintage wedding hair combs models. Usually, the vintage hair come is specifically made with beautiful details along the hair comb handle. It is made of metal like bronze, silver, titanium even gold. Some embellishments are installed to give prettier touch including pearl or other valuable stone. Nowadays, the hair comb looks more simple yet elegant. Some models of the hair comb display feather, big flower and vine plant with small flowers as ornament. And the option of material to make the hair comb is assorted starting from plastic, acrylic, metal and wood.

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