Wedding Hair Clips and Hair Band Combination

With so many kinds of hair accessory to choose, lately creating a hairstyle for wedding becomes an easy action to do. Nowadays, we don’t have to ask a hairstylist to handle it anytime a wedding should be held. And as the result, we can save more money for our honeymoon. Wedding hair clips are one of those so many hair accessories to choose. This hair clip is actually equal with hair pin since the function and shape is similar to each other. That’s why today we are going to specific this topic by adding headband as a good combination for hair clip on the wedding hairstyle.

Wedding Hair Clips Flower Wedding Hair Clips and Hair Band Combination

Well, wedding hair clips are available in many models to discover. Basically, this clip for hair is created with short and small dimension. It is designed with little arc line concept with clipper which can be open and close to lock the hair. How to wear the hair clip is very simple. We only have to open the clipper, insert a little part of your hair inside the clipper and then close that clipper to lock your hair. Generally, the hair clip comes in a single tone such as black, white or other neutral and strong colors. Following the latest trend in fashion, this fashionable hair accessory becomes more attractive with ornament adhered on it. The size of the ornament may be different from one to another. One time, it can be so small, medium or even very big to cover a big scale of your hair like a veil. Flower is that very big ornament that is usually applied as hair clip ornament.

Wedding Hair Clips Pearls Wedding Hair Clips and Hair Band Combination

Wedding Hair Clips Vintage Wedding Hair Clips and Hair Band Combination

Applying the wedding hair clips is actually enough to dominate your wedding hairstyle. In this case, we have to choose a hair clip with big or medium ornament to decorate the hairstyle. If you don’t, adding headband to combine with the hair clip will be a nice choice. At this rate, the headband can be displayed as beautiful as possible with various shapes of ornament such as rhinestone, beads, flower, fabric or many more. And the black or transparent hair clips are used to keep your bridal hairstyle tidy.

Wedding Hair Clips with Rhinestones Wedding Hair Clips and Hair Band Combination

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