Wedding Hair Accessories Kinds Must Have

Do you have a planning to be a professional wedding hairstylist in the future? Well, certain education and course should be taken to be a real professional hairstylist. Long field experiences and qualified skills in creating hairstyle should follow your career. Yet, one simple aspect should be not missed. Well, yeah, besides knowing the latest wedding hairstyle models, we should know and collect some wedding hair accessories to support your skilled hairstyle for bridal. Therefore, we are here to introduce some kinds of wedding hair ornament that every hairstylist must have.

Wedding Hair Accessories Flowers Wedding Hair Accessories Kinds Must Have

Hair pin is the simplest hair accessory for any hairstyle model no matter what the hairstyle is made for. The shape of hair pin is available in many versions and models. The simplest one appears in long or short arc which is commonly inserted in your client hair. This kind of basic pin is usually called as Bobby pin. The function of this pin is to keep the hair tidy by locking it temporarily. Another function of hair pin is to beautify the hairstyle. It is because this wedding hair accessories kind usually comes with ornament on it. The ornament may be fake flower, linen bow, fake butterfly, beads, pearl, gems and many more. Headband is the next kind of hair accessory for bridal. Headband is known as ‘bandeau’ in Italian. It is a kind of linen or hardware which is typically worn as like necklace. Yet, this headband stops before it passing your head. This hair accessory is commonly made by elastic material in order to it can be worn to surround your head and hair.

Wedding Hair Accessories for Updos Wedding Hair Accessories Kinds Must Have

Wedding Hair Accessories Headband Wedding Hair Accessories Kinds Must Have

Hair comb is the most classic wedding hair accessories. This kind of hair ornament has been so popular since Victorian era. Generally, the vintage hair comb is made of metal, bronze and even golden with stylish beads and pearl as the ornament. Lately, the hair comb is made of lighter material such as acrylic and plastic. It is available in various color options. The most luxurious hair comb is made with diamond and other valuable stones as the ornament. Well, more detail information about hair accessory kind can be read in the next articles.

Wedding Hair Accessories Vintage Wedding Hair Accessories Kinds Must Have

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