Wedding Guest Outfits Composition for Men and Women

Mixing and matching two or more outfits to create a new fashion look can be called as fascinating challenge for certain people. This challenge will be so pleasant to join when you are going to come into a wedding celebration. For men and women, appearing in appropriate and elegant wedding guest outfits composition is a must to show off their fabulous fashion style. Therefore, in this post, we are going to inspire you in combining several kinds of outfit. And finally, it becomes fashionable wedding guest dresses which are stunning during the party.

Wedding Guest Outfits 2013 Wedding Guest Outfits Composition for Men and Women

Let’s stat this topic from the easiest bridal guest outfit combination for men. Well, as usual formal wear for men, there will be only several types of outfit that are usually worn such as tuxedo, blazer, trousers and dress shirt. To bring such a luxurious scent onto your appearance, we suggest you to wear white and black men suits set. In this case, a clean white long sleeved dress shirt should be covered by a set of black blazer and trousers. To complete this black and white suit, men will look very stylish by wearing a black bow tie. If you prefer to wear a necktie, wearing vest firstly before the blazer will be perfect. At the end, don’t forget to wear a wrist watch and black or brown formal leather shoes to match the suit. The wedding guest outfits composition for women offer too many variety ideas to choose. Dress is the basic outfit type you should choose indeed.

Wedding Guest Outfits for Men Wedding Guest Outfits Composition for Men and Women

Wedding Guest Outfits for Women Wedding Guest Outfits Composition for Men and Women

And we have to choose appropriate dress length for us based on your shape and type of the occasion. Shorter dress is simpler and modest to wear in semi casual party. The longer one is perfect to carry much mature accent on your look. Besides selecting the best dress to wear, we also have to sort several accessories to match the gown. Some wedding guest outfits composition usually allows you to match and dress with the shoes, jewelry, bag and coat, bolero or cardigan. To ease your mix and match project, at least you have to match the color of the dress with the accessory. If you don’t, ensure to pick accessories with neutral tone to match any kind of dress you wear.

Wedding Guest Outfits Ideas Wedding Guest Outfits Composition for Men and Women


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