Wedding Gift Ideas for Newlyweds and Guests

Gift for wedding guest is also known as favor. This kind of gift is actually given to the guests in order to they can remember your special moment of life. Unlike other gifts for bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents and flower girls and ring bearer, the wedding favor is more ordinary. The concept of wedding guest gift is simpler. And it is generally given one per invitation card. Various wedding gift ideas for guest are available to choose. There are numerous options to pick starting from the simplest to the hugest and complicated one. Let’s find the best idea for your wedding favor below.

Wedding Gift Ideas for Bride and Groom Wedding Gift Ideas for Newlyweds and Guests

The simplest idea for the wedding guest gift is a bookmark. Bookmark is easy to find almost at every store near your house. Of course we should buy it in bulk since we will give it to our wedding guests. The design of the bookmark can be as cute as possible. A butterfly bookmark is displayed in this post as a sample. This butterfly bookmark definitely looks beautiful with its ivory tone and unique pattern applied on the wings. In addition, there are some tassels which are applied on the head of butterfly as ornament. This tassel part is useful to mark your book page. When the butterfly bookmark is inserted inside the book, this tassel part typically will be visible to ease you finding your bookmark. If you desire, the butterfly bookmark can appear in various color options. Thus, finally, your guests can choose their favorite color when you give it to them. The wedding gift ideas for the guest also involve personalized pencil, cup, bag, and jewelry or kitchen utensil.

Wedding Gift Ideas for Friends Wedding Gift Ideas for Newlyweds and Guests

Wedding Gift Ideas for Groom Wedding Gift Ideas for Newlyweds and Guests

Now, how are about the wedding gift ideas for the newlyweds? So many choices are very attractive to pick. The gift may be designed personalized or not. If it is not custom designed, we can purchase some useful items or equipment for the newlyweds’ new family such as gas stove, magic jar, iron, towels or more. If the gift is personalized gift, we can choose wall art, dinnerware, bed cover, table sheet, or many more with personal detail on it.

Wedding Gift Ideas Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for Newlyweds and Guests

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