Victorian wedding Gown Concept

Choosing Victorian style as your wedding gown is not bad idea. You can feel as a lady in a western palace when wearing that gown. We will tell you four ideas about Victorian gown to make you more beautiful on your wedding. First, for you who don’t want to be looked too open for your gown, you can choose the sleeve-gown. It still shows the beauty of your body without seeing some parts of your body. The sleeve-gown will show your elegant side, and not forget about your beauty.

victorian dress1 Victorian wedding Gown Concept

Then, for your next choice is a balloon-gown. That gown is the buy tretinoin cream amazon most suitable one if you choose Victorian style. The lady in a western palace is using that kind of gown on the Victorian era. Moreover, you will walk more comfortable because of the design. The size how big and small your balloon-gown is depend of yourself. You can choose the small one if you don’t want to be seen a little bit fat. Meanwhile, if you want to be seen like that, the big one is a good idea.

balloon gown victorian Victorian wedding Gown Concept

Third idea is for your Victorian wedding gown. If you are bored with plain color like white or black as your wedding gown, you can choose another color. That can be applied too for your Victorian gown. Choosing colorful style doesn’t make the Victorian feeling disappear. There are some gowns for Victorian concept that has colorful style like light green or even dark red. You can choose a lot of color as your wedding gown, but you must be remember to make the Victorian concept is still on your gown that you wear.

colorful victorian gown Victorian wedding Gown Concept

sleeveless victorian dress Victorian wedding Gown Concept

The last style for your Victorian concept is sleeveless gown. We can call it as a modern Victorian concept. You can show your beautiful shoulder or even your back to your guest. It will show how feminine and beautiful you are. Although it’s a sleeveless gown, you can add the Victorian feeling with your crown accessories or your veil. Then, you can also put a fake sleeve on your arm without hide your shoulder or back.

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