Vera Wang Wedding Dresses Collection

Who don’t know the famous designer for bride dress and gown named Vera Wang? She is an American designer who maybe almost women who are going to get married want to wear one of her collections. For you who wish to feel fall season, spring season, and the classic atmosphere on your dress, you can try to look and use her design. Colors like brown or even black are the suitable colors for fall season. Vera Wang also uses those colors for the dress. But, the brown color isn’t the dark one. It’s the light brown which can make sweet atmosphere around you. It pictures the fall season that’s very calm. Meanwhile for the black color, it’s not completely black. There are still colors like white or brown on it. Even it’s completely black, you still can feel the fall season atmosphere. So, it’s the best choice for you who like this kind of color.

vera wang wedding dresses fall Vera Wang Wedding Dresses Collection

In other hand, Vera Wang wedding dresses for spring season this year have bright colors. The colors are red-brownies and red. If you are a person who likes those color, her collection for spring season is suitable for you. Her design is mostly the long dresses. It can show how elegant and beautiful the bride is while wearing her dress. It’s also a good point for you who prefer the long dress than the short one.

vera wang wedding dresses 2013 Vera Wang Wedding Dresses Collection

vera wang wedding dresses collection Vera Wang Wedding Dresses Collection

 Then, for you who want to wear something classic for your dress, Vera Wang also has some collections. Color like white is the best representative for classic style. She uses that color for her design. You can choose whether you want the simple dress or the complicated one for the design. The two of them still can have classic feeling if you choose white as the color like what Vera Wang uses for her design. Then, the good point of classic collection from Vera Wang is that she makes the knee-length dress. But, it depends on you whether you want to choose the short dress or the long one. You still can be a beautiful bride on Vera Wang’s design for your dress.

vera wang wedding dresses 2013 collection Vera Wang Wedding Dresses Collection

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