Titanium Wedding Bands with Bright Color Accent

Titanium is a kind of metal which is typically used as basic material of ring or related jewelry. This kind of metallic ring is usually worn by men only. Well, most women prefer to appear elegantly and classy with something exclusive especially for their jewelry. No wonder that they love to wear jewelry including the ring made of gold only. Compare with women, men don’t think what people think about their appearance. They generally choose to wear something that is comfortable for them including wearing simple titanium wedding bands for their entire life.

Titanium Wedding Bands for Men on Hand Titanium Wedding Bands with Bright Color Accent

As a metal, titanium has similar texture and characteristic like other metal matter such as platinum, silver and stainless steel. Sometimes, the titanium wedding bands look equally like white gold ring due to that metallic silver tone. Unfortunately, people who see it intentionally will know the difference between the real white gold and the titanium ring. It is because the titanium ring doesn’t have smooth and glossy surface like the white gold ring. Generally, the wedding ring made of titanium has rougher texture like metal in general shape. Furthermore, we can even find darker titanium tone to dominate the wedding rings for men. Designing a couple of wedding bands made of titanium will be so ordinary without any innovative modifications. That’s why lately some creative titanium wedding ring designers add bright color accent to make the rings more eye-catching.

Titanium Wedding Bands for Men Titanium Wedding Bands with Bright Color Accent

Titanium Wedding Bands for Women Titanium Wedding Bands with Bright Color Accent

Let’s see some samples in this post. There are some couple sets of the titanium wedding bands displayed here. Every set of ring has different bright color accent to adore. Electric blue seems very stunning to install among the metallic silver tone of the titanium ring. Purple or maroon tone even has similar effect on the titanium ring for men as a focal point idea. This light and strong color accent application is able to install anywhere on the titanium ring for bridal such as along the internal or external side of band, engraved detail, or certain part of the ring. Two or more strong metallic colors combination looks very delightful for your macho and stylish appearance. So, why don’t you choose a bridal titanium ring with colored pattern as the ornament?

Titanium Wedding Bands on Hand Titanium Wedding Bands with Bright Color Accent

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