Tina Andrean Wedding Dress in Sophisticated Look

Once we have seen some branded wedding dresses collection by Vera Wang, we should be impressed after seeing 2013 collection of Tina Andrean wedding dress. Unlike Vera Wang and other her rivals, Tina Andrean offers different concept for her wedding gowns collection. She specifically prefers to involve the sense of sophisticated on all of her wedding dresses collection. Well, the sophisticated sense involves dress models, details and tone ideas. For better description, let’s check some dresses for bride collection below.

Tina Andrean Wedding Dress Collection Tina Andrean Wedding Dress in Sophisticated Look

A-line dress cut is definitely often displayed in Tina Andrean closet. To give such different accent on the dress, Tina usually applies long chapel train on the back side of the long A-line skirt. In other opportunity, Tina Andrean involves sheath or straight-off dress cut flaring down along the dress length. Some beaded details are intentionally attached on this flared dress skirt as classic ornament. Metallic embroidery is typically applied to make Tina Andrean wedding dress fabulous somehow. The metallic embroidery intentionally comes in silver or golden scheme. Both metallic tones effectively bring such a royal atmosphere onto the wedding gown no matter the design is. Well, however, Tina Andrean doesn’t only dominate her sophisticated bridal gown with flared skirt and embellishment and detail. In fact, some unique modifications are incorporated on the neckline area of the dress.

Tina Andrean Wedding Dress Models Tina Andrean Wedding Dress in Sophisticated Look

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Tina Andrean Wedding Dress Vintage Tina Andrean Wedding Dress in Sophisticated Look

We can see usual round neckline cut on other designers’ dresses collection, but not in Tina Andrean wedding dress collection. Tina Andrean seems very creative by applying transparent fabric to give nude accent on her sophisticated bridal gown. This transparent fabric is specifically functional to give an effect as if the beaded neckline is floating away from the chest. If the dress comes with strapless and sweetheart neckline, round or V-neckline shape applied under your neck will look amazing with the transparent fabric combination. And the same effect is available since equal transparent fabric is incorporated on the dress skirt as well. If you love simplicity, one shoulder dress by Tina Andrean offers much elegance to accompany you during the bridal moment. Floral patterned embroidery with few sequins can be the best ornament for this modest A-line bridal gown.

Tina Andrean Wedding Dress with Lace Tina Andrean Wedding Dress in Sophisticated Look