Smart Casual Dress Wedding for Somebody

Smart casual dress wedding is a new kind of fashion style in wedding. Well, this fashion style is usually created by combining the formal and casual fashion style to create a new fashion style named smart casual. The smart casual fashion style in fact doesn’t have to identical with office or business attire. This time, it is also available to cover your wedding party dresses. In this post, we are going to discuss the smart casual wedding dress for everybody at wedding including the bride, groom, bridesmaid and even mother of the bride. Let’s see what does the smart casual dress look like?

Smart Casual Dress Wedding Ideas Smart Casual Dress Wedding for Somebody

Anyway, as like what we can see from the picture, the smart casual dress wedding concept is easy to understand. At this rate, the dress concept involves the combination of formal and casual style to create the smart casual style itself. Another meaning of the smart casual fashion style is a fashion style where the dress is simple yet very glorious and luxurious to wear in any occasion either casual or formal. For the bride’s dress, little concept of vintage sometimes is displayed through the lace application. On the other hand, the application of some colors to combine becomes another interesting detail found in this smart casual dress bridal especially for what we call as bridesmaid dresses. Some samples are given in this post for your smart casual bridesmaid dresses inspiration. From the photos, we can see there are five bridesmaid dresses which are designed differently from each other. However, each of them has the same concept of casual smart.

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Smart Casual Dress Wedding Images Smart Casual Dress Wedding for Somebody

Smart Casual Dress Wedding on Sale Smart Casual Dress Wedding for Somebody

There is also the smart casual dress wedding concept for the groom and the groom men. From the picture, we can see that the groom men wear a set of dark blue suit with checkers dress shirt under the blazer. The casual concept of the groom suit can be seen from the application of the checkers dress shirt, while the smart concept is displayed by the application of the dark blue suits. The bride in the picture even appears more amazingly than those bridesmaids and mother of the bride. She wears a strapless long chiffon dress with yellow, cream and black colors composition. The dress is basically made loosely to represent the casual look.

Smart Casual Dress Wedding Theme Smart Casual Dress Wedding for Somebody