Simple Wedding Gown For Winter

If you want a different experience with your wedding concept, you can choose to have your wedding in winter. The weather is cold, but your wedding can make the atmosphere becomes warm and comfortable to your guests. For winter, because of the cold air, it’s better to use the long gown. It’s warmer and you can feel more comfortable. Your long gown has to have winter style and it can be done with your neck style of the gown. The important thing is you still must to show the beauty of the simple wedding gown for winter, maybe from the pattern or design.

long winter wedding gown Simple Wedding Gown For Winter

Winter is identical with colors like red and green. So, you can choose the gown from two of those colors. Then, if you choose the red one, you can add your imagination with the Santa Claus concept. To make it cuter, you can wear a fur hat and long red gown. The guest will guess it correctly that you pick winter and Santa Claus concept as your gown. It also shows that you have cute side because having such a concept for your gown.

red winter wedding gown Simple Wedding Gown For Winter

Who says that you can’t wear the sleeveless gown for your winter? Although it’s cold, if you want to wear that kind of gown, it’s not a wrong idea. But, of course you must defend yourself from the cold air. Then, to add the winter feeling, you can wear a gown which has fur design. It will make you warmer and more comfortable too. Don’t afraid, you will be seen more beautiful or like the princess on Snow White story.

sleeveless winter wedding gown Simple Wedding Gown For Winter

winter wedding dress coat Simple Wedding Gown For Winter

The last is you can choose the sleeveless gown using a coat or scarf. The coat outside your wedding gown will make yourself warmer. Moreover, you will be seen like a queen on a winter season. For the scarf, maybe it’s not warm enough if you wear a sleeveless gown. But, it will add the beauty of your simple wedding gown. Don’t forget that for the scarf you better don’t choose the same color as your gown, but for the cloak it’s okay to have the same color.