Silver Wedding Dresses the Futuristic Gown Concept

Anyway, everybody must know what people always think about future life. There will be many flying cars, metallic building, automatic device and equipment and even metallic clothing a la space costume. Well, of course it is just a general imagination which is commonly thought by most people in the world including us. Nevertheless, applying the futuristic concept seems to be a nice concept to cheerful your wedding party. Why don’t we try to apply the futuristic style onto the dress for wedding first? Silver wedding dresses can be a good choice for this project.

Silver Wedding Dresses 2013 Silver Wedding Dresses the Futuristic Gown Concept

Basically, futuristic style is usually identical with metallic scheme including silver, golden and bronze. Those metallic materials are perfect item to bring much high technology accent onto our futuristic wedding ceremony including the wedding dress. The silver wedding dresses will not be made of real metal material. It will still be made of fabric which contains of silver scheme. In this case, we can use much of grey color to cover the silver accent. Following the futuristic costume trend, the silver bridal gown must be designed purposely with high tech concept. For instance, we can apply tea-length A-line dress concept to be a basic cut of the gown. And then let this retro style dress appearing with its sleeveless cut. To emphasize the high tech nuance of this retro style gown, we can utilize hard cups to accommodate the bride’s breasts. Thus, certain parts of this gown look hard like metal costume. Well, we will directly compare it with a female robot dress.

Silver Wedding Dresses UK Silver Wedding Dresses the Futuristic Gown Concept

Silver Wedding Dresses for Sale Silver Wedding Dresses the Futuristic Gown Concept

On the other side, we don’t have to apply any extreme concept to design a futuristic dress for wedding. We only have to design the dress as usual but it must be full of silver or grey scheme to bring much modern detail at the same time. The gown may come elegantly in mermaid, ball gown or A-line dress cut. Or it may appear stylishly in straight-off dress cut. Sequins seem effective to make the silver wedding dresses stunning. For another alternative, there are many stylish embellishment ideas lately which can be used as well as sequins such as mirrored embellishment, silver embroidery and many more.

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