Promise Rings for Couples in Matching Concept

Couple rings are usually identical with equal design concept that is matching to each other. Commonly, we find many couples of ring that are intentionally designed in the same detail, color, material and even embellishment touch. Unfortunately, these aspects actually don’t enough to make both couple rings set matching to each other. That’s why we are going to introduce several models of promise rings for couples in matching concept. It means both rings will be fit to each other when they are placed near to each other. And people who see it will eventually know that both rings are couple ring set.

Promise Rings for Couples Walmart Promise Rings for Couples in Matching Concept

Are you so curious about it? Well, let’s discuss the first matching promise rings for couples below. Heart can be the most popular love symbol. This heart shape is usually identical with love feeling from one to the others. On Valentine Day, heart symbol is often used to decorate everything including home interior, utensils, decorating items and even food such as chocolate and cake. This love symbol shape in fact is also used to bring the eternal love feeling on the promise ring. This heart shape is commonly found on the ornament of the ring either for the groom or bride. Today, we have a unique promise ring for couple that involves a heart shape to fit both rings. Basically, the heart shape is made in a simple line covering both rings. On the other words, the heart shape is divided into two parts. A half right part is engraved on the groom’s ring, while another left part is engraved on the bride’s ring. When both rings are placed close to each other, a full heart shape will be formed. It is very romantic, isn’t it?

Promise Rings for Couples Engraved Promise Rings for Couples in Matching Concept

Promise Rings for Couples Matching Promise Rings for Couples in Matching Concept

Other models of the promise rings for couples are purposely designed to completely similar to each other. The groom’s and bride’s ring look the same to each other. An aspect that makes both rings different is only its size. Women’s ring looks smaller than men’s ring indeed. These promise rings for romantic couple are suggested to be a romantic love promise ring because of its love expression. Some ideas are selected to express the real love by carving it along the round band such as “Real Love” or “You are My Love” plus initial name of the bride or groom following it.

Promise Rings for Couples Meaning Promise Rings for Couples in Matching Concept

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