Promise Ring Meaning Based on the Design

There must be a special meaning which is purposely applied on each promise ring for engagement, wedding or just dating. Every man must want to express his love feeling to his beloved woman through the ring. That’s why a special promise ring meaning is created to represent that love feeling. Unfortunately, not all people understand the meaning behind the promise ring. Nevertheless, there are still some models of promise ring with secret meaning behind it which is easy to discover.

Promise Ring Meaning Finger Promise Ring Meaning Based on the Design

Promise ring meaning displayed by a heart shape with stone is easy to discover. The heart shape is specifically applied as the promise ring ornament reflects the love. The stone inside the heart shape is commonly used to represent the point of love given by a man to his woman. Sometimes, the promise ring with heart shape and stone also incorporates such kind of complicated line or detail around the ornament. This complicated detail has a deep meaning regarding to some problems which usually appear to distract the love relationship between the man and woman. Of course this story is very romantic. Besides the promise ring with heart shape, a groom’s ring displayed in the picture appears with brick patterns covering the entire surface of the external round band. These brick patterns show us a special meaning of strong love which is kept by the man for his woman. This man’s ring design is very simple. A thick band looks manly and masculine to emphasize the character of the man.

Promise Ring Meaning for a Girlfriend Promise Ring Meaning Based on the Design

Promise Ring Meaning for Couples Promise Ring Meaning Based on the Design

Other heart promise ring meaning is quite attractive to discover. There is a white gold ring showed in the picture. This woman’s ring comes with three heart shapes decorating the top part of the ring. One of those heart shapes has bright red stone as the ornament. The red tone of the gem reflects the color of love which is framed by the heart shape. The round band is purposely made thicker and stronger than usual woman’s ring band. It means a strong foundation around the hearts of a couple can make their love stronger and deeper. This romantic meaning seems very beautiful to remember by both of you, don’t you?

Promise Ring Meaning for Daughter Promise Ring Meaning Based on the Design

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