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Numerous varieties of promise ring even can make you awake for several days. As a guy who wants to propose his woman, this kind of awkward feeling is normal. It can be caused by disability in choosing a right ring design for their engagement moment. Finding pretty engagement rings should be quite difficult for those men who don’t understand how to choose them well. Therefore, we have to help them in order to they can get the best ring to please their couple. However, there are several aspects that you have to know before starting this discussion. A meaningful ring doesn’t have to be expensive. Even a simple pretty ring is enough to make your girl happy when she knows exactly your real feeling to her.

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The simple pretty engagement rings sample is displayed by the first photo. It is a simple ring made of yellow gold or kind of brass. The ring circle is purposely made thinner than usual. To decorate this simple slim band for engagement, a big pear diamond is attached on the platform of ring in horizontal position. In fact, we can do an alteration for this diamond in order to it can be cheaper. If you desire, the diamond stone can be replaced by mirrored bead or crystal. There are two additional diamond grains in round shape installed to guard the biggest ornament stone of the ring. Well, what do you think about this simple engagement ring? If you think it is too simple for your woman’s beauty, several extravagant engagement ring models are available.

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Pretty engagement rings shown in the latest third pictures look more expensive and exclusive than the first one. It is because those third rings are completely made of white gold with big diamond as ornament. Based on the last picture, the pretty engagement band even involves so many diamond grains covering the band surface. The platform of the ring is even full with diamond in a specific flower shape as the embellishment concept. These grains look so fabulous decorating the flower shaped ring platform. With a big round cut diamond on the center, this exclusive engagement ring becomes very stunning on your woman’s finger.

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