Pink Wedding Band Ideas for Feminine Bride

Diamond is definitely popular as one of many favorite precious stones which are commonly used as ornament stone of a wedding ring. Diamond seems expensive than jade or some kinds of stone to decorate the ring. In addition, diamond is available in various color tones which are perfect to reflect your feeling. Pink wedding band seems a good bridal ring model where we can apply the pink diamond well. Since the pink tone of the ring comes from the diamond, it is not impossible if the ring is only made of metal such as gold, titanium, platinum and silver.

Pink Wedding Band 2013 Pink Wedding Band Ideas for Feminine Bride

Well, choosing the pink wedding band is a good idea to emphasize the bride’s feminism. Of course this ring is only recommended for the bride. In this case, the groom may wear a ring with similar model but different diamond tone such as white, blue or green. The design of the pink ring for bridal comes in numerous options. To emphasize your feminine look, let’s see some models of the pink wedding ring in the pictures here. One of the pictures shows a simple pink bridal ring with some tiny pink diamond grains as the ornament. Basically, the ring for the bride is made of white gold. It is made with thick band and stylish prongs which are arranged vertically along the band. Seven pink diamond grains are installed on each prong applied along the ring band. The pink scheme of the diamond is very deep or bold. And it looks contrast with the white scheme of the ring gold.

Pink Wedding Band Images Pink Wedding Band Ideas for Feminine Bride

Pink Wedding Band Ideas Pink Wedding Band Ideas for Feminine Bride

The pink wedding band for the feminine bride also appears luxuriously in costless idea. A thin round band looks elegant with the white gold as the base material. And then the band is designed artistically with wavy chain pattern along the band. On every pattern of the band, white diamond grain is installed to bright this pink bridal ring. And to bring the blush pink scheme on this girlish band, some pink diamond grains are attached between the white diamond grains along the ring band. Actually, there are still so many stylish pink ring models which can be considered. Well, at least we have given you several samples of them in this post.

Pink Wedding Band Sets Pink Wedding Band Ideas for Feminine Bride

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