Modern Traditional Wedding Dresses in a La Africa

Everybody knows that fashion always changes and experiences many alterations and developments from time to time. Therefore, there are different models of wedding gown which come from different generation and time. Traditional gown is known as the old fashioned model of dress for bridal, while modern gown is the opposite of the traditional gown. The design of both dress models is definitely different though it is not much. That’s why we can distinguish them to each other with this visible difference. Today, modern traditional wedding dresses intentionally combine both old fashioned and modern models of the gown. And finally, this attractive combination brings some innovative gowns on the earth.

Modern Traditional Wedding Dresses 2013 Modern Traditional Wedding Dresses in a La Africa

African traditional gown is one of innovative modern traditional wedding dresses samples. This ball gown traditional and modern gown is very exotic with color and pattern composition. And it must be very stunning to complete your unique bridal. Calmer tone is selected to dominate this African traditional bridal gown. It is because the wearer of this gown must be an African bride who has dark skin color. Cream looks warm and soft for romantic African bride. This cream ball gown appears with puffy long sleeves and tight sweetheart neckline. Some traditional details are gorgeously attached on the front side of the gown. Wavy detail is attached on the entire flared skirt surface. Embroidery located on the chest is purposely created with bronze beads as the ornament. On the other side, the pattern of the beaded embroidery is made according to the traditional artistic handicraft.

Modern Traditional Wedding Dresses Images Modern Traditional Wedding Dresses in a La Africa

Modern Traditional Wedding Dresses South Africa Modern Traditional Wedding Dresses in a La Africa

Another African modern traditional wedding dresses model comes in baby blue scheme with tribal pattern on the front side. This traditional and primitive focal point looks very eye-catching on the blue tone of the dress. The stunning part isn’t only found on the tribal detail of the gown. At the same time, we can see that the baby blue fabric also involves horizontal strips motifs. Well, the next African wedding dress with modern and traditional style is simpler than two other dresses above. This sexy light brown dress focuses on its high cut and pleated detail located on the chest and waist only.

Modern Traditional Wedding Dresses Ideas Modern Traditional Wedding Dresses in a La Africa


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