Men’s Camo Wedding Bands in The Latest Engraving Style

Speaking of camouflage wedding band always force us to think about a ring with camo print decorated the entire side of the exterior ring. The camo appears as similar as military uniform pattern. Mostly, men’s camo wedding bands are available in mossy green, white and black and even pink and blue camo print color. Today, it is going to be different. Have you ever seen or heard about camo print engraved promise ring? Well, it is a kind of the latest innovation of promise ring for wedding.

Mens Camo Wedding Bands Ideas Men’s Camo Wedding Bands in The Latest Engraving Style

In basic shape, the design of the latest men’s camo wedding bands is similar with usual camo printed band. The different point found on the latest camo ring is only the stylish engraving detail carved along the external side of the ring. Some samples of the camo engraved ring are displayed crystal clearly in some pictures here. You probably will eventually understand what we mean above. The camo ring concept shown in the pictures is very attractive, isn’t it? The first metallic engraved ring applies a kind of abstract camo print style. The engraving pattern is very simple since it forms such kind of branch. This long curling branch is intentionally engraved around the circle ring replacing the realtree camo print. The black tone of the branch specifically contrasts the metallic scheme of the ring. Although this camo engraving style is ordinary, at least it can be as useful as usual camouflage print.

Mens Camo Wedding Bands Images Men’s Camo Wedding Bands in The Latest Engraving Style

Mens Camo Wedding Bands Innovation Men’s Camo Wedding Bands in The Latest Engraving Style

The next men’s camo wedding bands engraving style looks more natural. When you see that metal ring, you will directly think that as if it is eventually made of a real natural rock. The hard texture engraved stylishly along the band in fact becomes the most fabulous camo engraving style ever. Based on the picture, we also know that the internal and external ring sides have different texture. With hard textured detail on the outside part, this promise ring still has smooth surface on the inside part. Thus, the textured engraving will not hurt or discomfort your finger. Another textured camo metallic ring involves logs as the basic pattern style. In conclusion, this ring also has the same gorgeous effect as well as the others.

Mens Camo Wedding Bands Textured Men’s Camo Wedding Bands in The Latest Engraving Style