Low heel Wedding Shoes for Country Bridal Style

Throwing a bridal party in countryside seems adorable especially if the wedding applies country or rustic bridal theme. Many aspects must be considered to hold an outdoor or indoor bridal party in the countryside. And it is not only about the venue and decoration. It also covers wedding gown and suit complete with the complement like shoes and accessory. Unlike some wedding venues in the city, countryside offers more natural condition to aware such as wet and dirty flooring and hard area where you can not be easy to walk on. Therefore, we have to choose appropriate wedding shoes in order to we can maximize our appearance during the procession. Low heel wedding shoes seem effective for this kind of circumstance.

Low Heel Wedding Shoes 2013 Low heel Wedding Shoes for Country Bridal Style

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Unlike high heel wedding shoes, the low heel wedding shoes specifically have lower heel to keep your balance while walking on hard area. Furthermore, the lower heel shoes are designed in various models and styles to match your pretty country wedding gown. It may be in full shoes shape with one or two inches of heel. Bright white looks very clean to represent this sacral moment in your life. A simple round silver buckle is enough applied on the toe as ornament. Satin becomes the main material covering this pair of low heel shoes. Another model of white low heel shoes for bridal involves a unique ornament made of ivory satin ribbon and metallic silver hardware. The ornament is attached on the outer back side of shoes so that people can see it easily. The hardware is made of metal with glitter embellishment on the front side. This metallic hardware comes in a big heart shape. It looks so romantic in beautifying the simple white low heel shoes.

Low Heel Wedding Shoes Ivory Low heel Wedding Shoes for Country Bridal Style

Low Heel Wedding Shoes for Bride Low heel Wedding Shoes for Country Bridal Style

The next sample of low heel wedding shoes is suggested for those who prefer to wear shoes with strap. The simple strap with buckle is installed on the back side of your feet. The shoes are made satin with cork low heel to ensure your comfort while walking in it. A small metallic hardware is designed in sunburst shape. It is installed on the toe area with pleated satin detail under it.

Low Heel Wedding Shoes UK Low heel Wedding Shoes for Country Bridal Style

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