Half up Wedding Hairstyles Step by Step Tutorial

Most brides ask a professional hairstylist to ensure their beauty hairstyle for wedding. Well, typically we get this special service in a package with the makeup and sometimes dress renting. Unfortunately, usually we get a hairstylist doesn’t want to develop her or his skill in creating new hairstyle for trendy bride. As the result, the wedding hairstyle looks old fashioned for modern bride dress model. This kind of classic problem should be anticipated from the start. At least we have to gather much information about the hairstylist before we rent her or him for the bridal. Or we can create our wedding hairstyle by searching for the latest hairstyle trend from trusted media such as internet, bridal magazine and new hairstyle tutorial book. Anyway, speaking of wedding hairstyle design, we are going to discuss the way of how to create half up wedding hairstyles step by step.

Half Up Wedding Hairstyles Back View Half up Wedding Hairstyles Step by Step Tutorial

The half up wedding hairstyles is outstanding as the latest wedding hairstyle trend for young and adult bride. This kind of hairstyle is stylish with its half up half down concept. How to make this stylish hairstyle is quite easy since you have long or medium length hair to utilize. If you don’t have enough hair length, a special treatment like hair extension will be nice option to do. Unfortunately, it is not effective enough for your budget and time. Well, the half up wedding hairstyle is suitable for wavy and straight hair type only. Many alternatives are available to make your curly hair suitable for this hairstyle by smoothing treatment. Do as you wish and ensure to consider the advantages and disadvantages for you. The basic step we have to do in creating the half up and half down wedding hairstyle is simple.

Half Up Wedding Hairstyles Medium Length Hair Half up Wedding Hairstyles Step by Step Tutorial

Half Up Wedding Hairstyles with Tiara Half up Wedding Hairstyles Step by Step Tutorial

Gently brush your hair down with appropriate hair comb depending on your hair type. Ensure to arrange bangs to frame your face first. And then divide the hair into two parts, back and front layer. According to the back view, bring the front layer of hair up and lock it with Bobby pins as well as usual bun. And then let the back layer of hair hanging freely under the bun as the half down hair part. Add headband, tiara or ornament hair comb to beautify the half up wedding hairstyles.

Half Up Wedding Hairstyles with Veil Half up Wedding Hairstyles Step by Step Tutorial

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