Guy Camo Wedding Band Design Ideas for Fall Bridal

It is only several months to go before fall season coming. And those who want to have a romantic wedding ceremony in autumn will be very pleasant to prepare everything including ring set for the love symbol. Camouflage wedding ring seems unusual to pick as the love symbol at wedding. It is a ring with incredible pattern along the external ring side. With military uniform pattern, the camo bridal ring can catch many couples of eyes to stare it eventually on your finger. For you guys, guy camo wedding band design ideas below will give you much inspiration to choose the right couple ring set for your bridal moment.

Guy Camo Wedding Band 2013 Guy Camo Wedding Band Design Ideas for Fall Bridal

Let’s discuss the guy camo wedding band design. Basically, all camo rings are made of special material which has pattern on the outer side of ring. It may be jade, titanium, gold or other metal types. But the metal materials should incorporate the patterned material to involve the camouflage motif on the ring. In general, the camo ring doesn’t require any embellishment to look beautiful. It’s because the camouflage pattern is actually enough to make it more unusual than other ring styles. Due to this fact, many guys prefer to choose the camo ring for their wedding symbol with the lovely brides. The design of ring is simple and elegant without too much ornament touch. Furthermore, we can choose this autumn ring style based on our favorite color such as yellow-brown, mossy green, black-white and even pink-brown.

Guy Camo Wedding Band Ideas Guy Camo Wedding Band Design Ideas for Fall Bridal

Guy Camo Wedding Band for Her Guy Camo Wedding Band Design Ideas for Fall Bridal

The guy camo wedding band may be very simple and modest to reflect their masculinity. But the camo bridal ring for women must be more elegant than the guy’s ring. Well, in fact, the design of the bride’s camo ring is equal with the guy’s. The difference is located on the application of valuable stone as ring topping. The application of this stone is functional to bring much romantic nuance on the bride’s ring. In the other word, the diamond or other precious stone detail may help us to distinguish the camo ring for guy and woman. The stone model is available in various models including emerald, round, pillow, Marquise or Princess cut.

Guy Camo Wedding Band Styles Guy Camo Wedding Band Design Ideas for Fall Bridal

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