Fingerprint Wedding Band the Modern Promise Ring Concept

Following the latest trend of ring for wedding and engagement, numerous unusual concepts of ring design surface in the society. Many ideas of the promise ring design are very nonsense and even impressive for some people who see it. One of those unique design concepts of modern ring for bridal is fingerprint wedding band collection. As like its name, the fingerprint ring for bridal incorporates fingerprint motif as a focal point of the ring. Well, the finger print typically exists as an engraving art along the round band of the ring. The location and shape of the fingerprint may be different from each other. It depends on your desire and style.

Fingerprint Wedding Band Platinum Fingerprint Wedding Band the Modern Promise Ring Concept

If you want to involve something unique on your wedding band, the fingerprint wedding band style will be an amazing idea to choose. Ideally, the wedding band with fingerprint is made of any kind of material including metal, wood and even acrylic. Since the wedding ring is for forever, it is better to choose durable material to make this forever promise ring such as metal. The metal itself appears in several options namely: titanium, silver, platinum, yellow, white gold and stainless steel. Basically, the fingerprint engraving art works on any metal material. Thus, we don’t have to worry about this small problem. Now, the shape of the fingerprint should be decided carefully. In general, the fingerprint of someone is different from one to another. In this case, we can make a couple of custom wedding bands that involve you and your partner’s fingerprint. Or just take a general sample of fingerprint shape from any source such as internet. And then bring it to the ring designer.

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Fingerprint Wedding Band Titanium Fingerprint Wedding Band the Modern Promise Ring Concept

Now, let’s decide the best position or location of the fingerprint to engrave on your fingerprint wedding band. The most popular location of the fingerprint pattern is along the external side of the ring band. The other location is along the internal side of the ring band. Other simpler option takes a smaller fingerprint shape to engrave as similar as stone ornament on the ring band. On the other side, we can add some modifications beside the fingerprint engraving art such as wavy edge or other stylish detail along the band edge.

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