Easy Wedding Guest Hairstyles to Try Yourself

Spending much time only to arrange your hairstyle for wedding is not fair for you since you are only a guest on that wedding day. It is not a problem when you are a main character on the wedding. The opposite is different. You are just a guest in your friend’s or relative’s marriage. And it is effective to select a simpler hairstyle to improve your appearance quality. Anyway, some easy wedding guest hairstyles are very attractive to miss. These hairstyles for wedding guest are easy to make at home. Generally, to apply those hairstyles on the big day will not need much energy, time and even money. Thus, you are free to modify your look with those hairstyles as desire. Are you so curious about those easy hairstyles for wedding guest?

Easy Wedding Guest Hairstyles Ideas Easy Wedding Guest Hairstyles to Try Yourself

Let’s start this article from the simplest hairstyle for bridal guest. Ponytail hairstyle is one of those easy wedding guest hairstyles to try at home. Of course you can make it yourself since this hairstyle is also popular as casual hairstyle. How to arrange your long or medium hair in this very simple hairstyle is easy. We only need a piece of rubber band and hair comb to smooth your hair. As like a ponytail, your hair will be locked on the back by using the rubber band. You may add some curls on your hair before doing this ponytail concept. A chemical treatment is allowed to give temporary curl or even smooth straight hair accent. Of course we should visit hair salon and the expert for the best result. To make this simple hairstyle classier, we can take a little part of your ponytail hair to cover the rubber band. Twist little sheet of your hair surrounding the rubber band until it is completely covered. And then insert the rest of hair under the rubber band to lock the twist.

Easy Wedding Guest Hairstyles Options Easy Wedding Guest Hairstyles to Try Yourself

 Easy Wedding Guest Hairstyles to Try Yourself

The second easy wedding guest hairstyles still involve the ponytail concept. Yet, this time the ponytail hair is swept aside for prettier look. If you have long curly hair type, letting the ponytail knot looses will add more feminine accent on your hairstyle. The same twisted rubber band concept is a nice action to do on this hairstyle indeed. And besides sweeping your loose ponytail aside, it is better to add flower as a hair ornament on this simple and cute hairstyle.

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Eeasy Wedding Guest Hairstyles to do Yourself Easy Wedding Guest Hairstyles to Try Yourself


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