Country Wedding Attire Ideas to Try

When you read the article title above, what you are really thinking? Well, it is probably country wedding theme, wedding dress and suits and groom and bride-to-be, of course. So, what do you know about the country style for bridal. If you have read some similar articles in this blog, the country wedding theme is basically similar with rustic bridal style. This kind of wedding theme is identical with something traditional and old fashioned regarding to countryside area where the wedding would be thrown. Country wedding attire which is worn by the groom and bride must be so fancy with traditional Western nuance. Some of them commonly involve a cowboy hat and leather boots as the footwear.

Country Wedding Attire for 2013 Country Wedding Attire Ideas to Try

Now, let’s speak of the country wedding attire in couple sets. Several photos have been uploaded with this article to inspire you in selecting the best dresses for country wedding. Those dresses set for the groom and bride is available in casual and formal style. The casual dress for the bride mostly involves short dress cut to make you chic. If you have young character, you may wear a short wedding dress with strapless neckline as a bride. This short dress can incorporate lace or other similar detail to decorate it such as embroidery, beads or sequins. Embroidery and lace should be arranged on the dress in such a way to bring much rustic concept onto the dress design. Straight dress cut seems great to give such a taller effect on your petite shape. Unfortunately, this dress cut will not work efficiently for hourglass shape. An above-knee-length dress with A-line cut will be more adorable for your hourglass shape.

Country Wedding Attire for Groom Country Wedding Attire Ideas to Try

Country Wedding Attire for Guest Country Wedding Attire Ideas to Try

For the groom, wearing a set of formal suit is too boring in this country wedding style. Why don’t you dress like a wild cowboy? You can wear long straight jeans, a dress shirt with elbow-length rolled sleeves, a leather vest, a pair of boots and a leather cowboy hat. Or you are allowed to appear nicer in short, short sleeved dress shirt, a bow tie and a pair of sneaker only. The country wedding attire tantra jelly actually has a purpose to bring such a vintage and retro atmosphere into your big day.

Country Wedding Attire for Women Country Wedding Attire Ideas to Try