Contemporary Wedding Ring Inspiration for Bride and Groom

We have quite often seen many models of couple wedding rings, haven’t we? Mostly, those wedding rings are designed with similar design concept. The groom’s ring will look simpler than the bride’s ring, and vice versa. Or the bride’s ring will have a big ornament to reflect the feminism, while the groom’s ring looks so plain without it. Those concepts actually are too common in this modern era. Why don’t we try to apply a new concept of contemporary wedding ring? You will find this couple rings set more unusual and incredible than the usual couple rings.

Contemporary Wedding Ring 2013 Contemporary Wedding Ring Inspiration for Bride and Groom

The first contemporary wedding ring inspiration for couple offers the elegance of cracked rings. Well, as what you have imagined just now, the ring is really cracked into two parts. The cracked detail is crystal clearly displayed on the middle part along the ring band. Of course both cracked parts can be set together and even separated as you wish. Unfortunately, we have to be carefully when the cracked ring get separated. One of the cracked ring parts can be lost of course without your permission. The next contemporary bridal ring inspiration introduces a couple rings set with magnet on the ornament. Both rings of the groom and bride are designed simply with thin band. These metallic silver titanium rings have a very small ball ornament. When both ornaments are located near to each other, we will feel both ornaments pull each other until they are connected. It is such a romantic idea for couple wedding rings, isn’t it?

Contemporary Wedding Ring Ideas Contemporary Wedding Ring Inspiration for Bride and Groom

Contemporary Wedding Ring Design Contemporary Wedding Ring Inspiration for Bride and Groom

The third contemporary wedding ring inspiration brings tribal concept onto the design. This tribal concept looks very gorgeous and unusual to find in usual ring for wedding. This tribal style basically involves the unique application of ornament stones in polka dot patterned setting. In addition, ideally, those polka dot motifs come in different size, stone color and random arrangement. The couple wedding rings in tribal concept are usually made of yellow gold. Sometimes, silver scheme is added to make this tribal ring exclusive. Typically, the yellow gold is combined with white gold, platinum, titanium or other types of metal.

Contemporary Wedding Ring Sets Contemporary Wedding Ring Inspiration for Bride and Groom

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