Celtic Wedding Bands with Epic Tribal Patterns

Do you want something exotic and traditional on your wedding ring design? We have tribal motif idea for your Celtic wedding bands collection. Celtic is something that related with Highland area such as Scotland and Ireland area. And this traditional atmosphere is usually displayed on some modern wedding bands. They are called as Celtic wedding rings. The shape or Celtic motif is quite unique since it looks very different and typical from other rings. The most popular concept of the Celtic motif is symbolized by spiral lined motif applied along the ring band. This spiral lined detail usually has rough texture which can be touched by your finger.

Celtic Wedding Bands for Men Celtic Wedding Bands with Epic Tribal Patterns

Another unique aspect that is found on the Celtic wedding bands is the color of the Celtic spiral motif. Black tone is a must on this kind of traditional Scotland line motif. Moreover, sometimes, there is a typical pattern which is popular as traditional Irish art. It is well known as Irish Claddagh motif. This Irish Claddagh motif is a specific shape that displays a heart shape with two hands carrying it. Of course there will be several lines of spiral motifs applied next to the Irish Claddagh pattern. Both traditional tribal patterns seem inseparable from each other since it is still related to the Celtic wedding ring. Well, although the design of the Highland pattern looks glorious and mysterious, this modern era brings this mysterious pattern to increase the elegance of the wedding rings. So, don’t be surprise when you find that many people who don’t come from Highland area still interested in that Celtic ring style.

Celtic Wedding Bands for Women Celtic Wedding Bands with Epic Tribal Patterns

Celtic Wedding Bands Meaning Celtic Wedding Bands with Epic Tribal Patterns

Generally, the modern Celtic wedding bands are more contemporary with various modifications and alterations. The Celtic bridal ring is available in various material types including stainless steel, silver, white and yellow gold, and many more. To make this Irish ring special, some designer of ring combine two different kinds of material such as white and yellow gold as its basic material. And then some traditional details and patterns will be engraved orderly along the band. Most Celtic bridal rings actually don’t need any ornament stone to decorate it.

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