Casual Country Wedding Dress Ideas for the Bride

A simple wedding is enough to symbolize your sacral marriage ceremony. The purpose of this moment is equal as well with smaller amount of budget and items to prepare. In this small and simple wedding party, we only require few things only including wedding dress and suits. And the wedding theme should be suitable with the current season when the bridal moment is holding. For instance, this summer, carrying much countryside atmosphere into your traditional wedding is a good idea. In this case, a set of casual country wedding dress seems enough to cover all aspects of simple wedding at once.

Casual Country Wedding Dress Ideas Casual Country Wedding Dress Ideas for the Bride

Since it is a simple wedding ceremony, the casual country wedding dress must be as simple as possible. It doesn’t have to be very exclusive or different from usual dress for bridal. A sheet of sheer straight-off dress in ivory tone with Goddess style neckline seems perfect to be a basic concept of the casual wedding gown. This long gown looks elegant in chiffon and lace combination. On the other side, the casual country bridal gown in this sheer fabric is compatible with the nuance of summer. Thus, this loose dress is perfect to wear outside of building without making you sweaty and hot. Shorter dress with pink blush characteristic becomes another option of the simple wedding dress. This cute under-knee-length dress is cute with thin spaghetti straps wrapping the bride’s shoulder. At this rate, every bride can experience different hairstyle to support this simple wedding gown. Even she can appear naturally with messy short hair cut and barefoot only.

Casual Country Wedding Dress Pictures Casual Country Wedding Dress Ideas for the Bride

Casual Country Wedding Dress Short Casual Country Wedding Dress Ideas for the Bride

Classier casual country wedding dress comes in several attractive models. There are three options of sleeveless dress which are available to pick depending on your desire. You may choose the longer one if you want to create such taller effect on your body. Or you may choose the shorter one, if you want to maximize your petite body shape. The third sheet dresses are available in white with little ivory accent located surrounding the fit waist. One of those third dresses offers unique patterned lace that covers the entire surface of the dress elegantly. This dress concept is definitely stylish to maximize your appearance.

Casual Country Wedding Dresses Casual Country Wedding Dress Ideas for the Bride

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