Camo Engagement Rings in Different Pattern Styles

Something common found on any item with camo style including ring is the camouflage pattern itself. This kind of pattern has uniqueness or something similar with it which makes it interesting. Mossy detail that is typically applied on camo engagement rings looks original and different from usual metallic band design. The camo pattern itself generally involves some shapes of pattern that look like a group of leaves spreading on the ground. That’s why the pattern is generally dominated by some neutral tones like brown, green, cream, grey, white and black. Another camo pattern type offers a random arrangement of dry branches on brown or white background tone.

Camo Engagement Rings Cheap Camo Engagement Rings in Different Pattern Styles

Well, since the camo engagement rings look very different from usual metallic ring, no wonder that many people get them as special promise ring. In general, the camo ring is available in green tone only. Fortunately, since it becomes so popular, more color options are available to cover this unique army ring such as pink, black and white and blue. The camo ring development doesn’t stop on those tones selection only. Nowadays, the camo pattern is changed little by little following the latest market demand. Thus, don’t be so surprised when you find a camo ring with different pattern shape dominating it. The camouflage ring must have applied a certain modification on it. Several samples of the recent modification are displayed in a picture at this post. There are three camo rings with unique camouflage pattern styles around the band.

Camo Engagement Rings for His and Hers Camo Engagement Rings in Different Pattern Styles

Camo Engagement Rings for Men Camo Engagement Rings in Different Pattern Styles

The first camo ring has cracked soil pattern style. This pattern is very cool with dark ground tone and brighter yellow tone to sign the cracking line. The second ring offers two tones combination as its camo pattern style. Both ivory and brown tones are installed in line to cover the band. The third camo ring looks like general camo ring with yellow flame accent surfacing among the dark ground scent. Basically, the camo engagement rings showed in the picture are made of metal though the external side is covered by this camo layer. At least we know that the camo ring is as strong as other metallic ring in the world.

Camo Engagement Rings for Women Camo Engagement Rings in Different Pattern Styles


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