Bridal Party Gifts for Maids of Honor

Inviting several best friends of yours to be your bridesmaids in the wedding seems to be very pleasant to imagine. Well, your wedding may be a perfect day when you can gather with your best friends. Well, perhaps, we can invite four, six, eight or even ten bridesmaids into your wedding day. It must be a happy day for all of you. Some photos should be taken to remind you about their participations during the bridal ceremony. And the best thing you can get from them is a pleasant moment with them, funny story behind the photo shoot and some great pictures of a beautiful bride and her cute bridesmaids group. Well, on the other side, you must ensure to give them a thankful gift so that each of them can remember this special moment through that gift. That’s why we purposely give you some bridal party gifts ideas for maids of honor below.

Bridal Party Gifts for Cheap Bridal Party Gifts for Maids of Honor

Personalized wine glass is the first idea of the bridal party gifts for the bridesmaids. Every bridesmaid has to have a gift to store. According to the picture uploaded with this article, a set of personalized wine glass consist of a bride’s glass with her face displayed and six glasses for her bridesmaids. The bridesmaid’s wine glass is intentionally designed differently according to each bridesmaid face and her hairstyle. Every bridesmaid images displayed on the wine glass wears blue strapless sweetheart dress with purple flowers bouquet to carry. The bride wears different dress from her bridesmaids. In this case, the bride appears beautifully in white strapless dress with blue flowers bouquet. The handle of the wine glass also appears in colored concept following the bridesmaids and bride’s dress color tone.

Bridal Party Gifts Ideas Bridal Party Gifts for Maids of Honor

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In a picture showed in this post, there is another unique personalized bridal party gifts idea for your bridesmaids. Paintings of the bridesmaid’s face seem unusual to create a thankful gift from the bride. You may consider this gift idea for your own wedding gift. Well, don’t forget to fit the painting with every bridesmaid’s face and expression. You have to find a trusted talented artist to ensure the quality of the bridesmaid painting for you.

Bridal Party Gifts Unique Bridal Party Gifts for Maids of Honor

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