Blue Wedding Shoes for Stunning Bride in Stiletto

Marriage seems to be a sacral ceremony for groom and bride. At this special moment, there will be some people who become witnesses of wedding vows. Special party will be held right after the wedding ceremony. And at this time, both the groom and bride must be eye catching among the guests. Nowadays, wedding moment is no long to become conservative following the old tradition. The bride currently doesn’t have to wear white covering her entire body including dress, veil, train, shoes and flower bucket. Following the latest trend at wedding, the bride even can wear blue wedding shoes under her pure white dress. And she still looks adorable in this color composition. Thus, do you want to try?

Blue Wedding Shoes Canada Blue Wedding Shoes for Stunning Bride in Stiletto

The blue wedding shoes for white wedding seem very attractive to imagine. The bold or light scheme of blue can attract much attention from people who see it through blink of eyes. The blue color definitely contrasts the white scheme of dress. That’s why the blue shoes will eventually get the attention from the guests. In the other words, your blue shoes become an imperative focal point of your appearance. Well, it is not a problem indeed. It precisely becomes your pride after successfully breaking the old wedding tradition and even shows it to people. There are many interesting models of blue bridal shoes to pick. All shoes displayed in this post come as high heel stiletto. The heel height is about two to three inches. It is designed to ensure your comfort with close platform from back to the front. Some blue shoes are featured with open toe to keep your feet fresh and dry during the wedding.

Blue Wedding Shoes UK Blue Wedding Shoes for Stunning Bride in Stiletto

Blue Wedding Shoes for the Bride Blue Wedding Shoes for Stunning Bride in Stiletto

A bow is attached near the open toe cut on the top platform of shoes. The bow is simple actually yet it looks cute matching the bride’s feet size. Most blue wedding shoes are made of soft velvet. They come in different blue color levels such as baby and bold blue. There are also the blue bridal shoes which are featured with polka dot pattern. The shoes are quite transparent in blue with deeper blue polka dot dominating the shoes. A wrinkle flower with polka dot is installed as ornament on the toe of shoes.

Blue Wedding Shoes with Bow Blue Wedding Shoes for Stunning Bride in Stiletto

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