Beach Wedding Gowns Ideas

If you want your wedding day on summer, beach is the best choice. Don’t choice beach as the place on your wedding day in the season like winter. But, it depends on your preference with your husband. Now, we will give you some ideas for beach wedding gowns. Having a good body shape on the special occasion like wedding day is a dream of all women. Don’t worry, there’s still a beautiful gown for you who has plus size, of course with the beach concept and style. You can wear the long dress because it will cover your big point on your body. That’s also can pull out your elegant and feminine side.

plus size beach wedding gown Beach Wedding Gowns Ideas

The second idea is for you who like lace style.  It’s suitable for any concepts include beach. For you who like some old sense or feeling, lace is a good choice too. You can wear whether the long gown or short one. Then, for the lace design, it can be on your gown itself or the accessories for the gown like on the veil. But, the veil must be the long one, because it will make your gown prettier. Don’t wear the complicated gown, because you will have difficulty when walking on the sand.

lace beach wedding gown Beach Wedding Gowns Ideas

Having a colorful gown for your beach concept isn’t wrong point. In another hand, it will bring brighter atmosphere on your wedding day. For the plain color, avoid choosing the black one because it can change the atmosphere that’s brought naturally by the beach. Black isn’t suitable enough for beach feeling. Meanwhile, for colors like white, light brown, sky blue, and so on, you can wear it without having feeling to damage the atmosphere from the beach.

colorful beach wedding gown Beach Wedding Gowns Ideas

short beach wedding gown Beach Wedding Gowns Ideas

The last is short beach wedding gown. Wearing a short gown for your beach concept isn’t a bad idea. Actually, it will show more about summer feeling. You will be looked so fresh and cheerful with the short gown. But, don’t forget to wear a gown which is comfortable to wear. Although it’s a short gown, if you are comfortable with the gown, you won’t have a problem with it.

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