Alternative Casual Wedding Dresses Collection for spring

We expect that you will be always interested in following our fashion blog here. Today, we are going to discuss some alternative casual wedding dresses designs. It is a casual dress for bridal which comes in various styles and concepts. If you have a plan in throwing a casual bridal moment, we hope that we can help you with several dresses shown in this post. Now, let’s check the first casual dress for wedding in the picture. There are two white satin casual dress models displayed by the first picture. They are a dress with long cut and short cut. The longer dress looks very modest with straight off dress cut. It involves short cap sleeves style with fit very low V-neckline style. The fit belt around the waist has a small bow on the back side. Perhaps, it is the only one ornament found on this simple casual dress.

Alternative Casual Wedding Dresses 2013 Alternative Casual Wedding Dresses Collection for spring

The shorter dress shown in the first picture is made as a tea-length dress. This alternative casual dress seems suitable to call as retro gown. In white tone, this midi dress is fabulous with some tulle details surrounding the waist and hip area. This dress is completely perfect for your outdoor spring wedding since it is comfortable with the sleeveless cut. Other alternative casual wedding dresses are displayed in the next photos. If you love romantic bridal concept, so it will be yours by wearing this long casual puffy dress. Based on the last picture, this white dress involves light pink accent on the bottom part of the dress. This strapless sweetheart dress looks pretty with its tiered skirt. Black satin belt surrounds the dress fit waist elegantly with a bow. Due to the basic color of the dress, this dark belt looks very eye catching on the gown.

Alternative Casual Wedding Dresses for Men Alternative Casual Wedding Dresses Collection for spring

Alternative Casual Wedding Dresses Images Alternative Casual Wedding Dresses Collection for spring

For the guys, we have a nice sample of suit set for your alternative casual wedding dresses style. It is a gorgeous suit combination that probably you have ever imagined. For your stunning appearance, we suggest you to wear several casual and formal outfits. They involve a white and blue long sleeve checkers dress shirt, a pair of brown trouser, a black vest, an orange bow tie, a blue wrist watch, some cute brooches and black or brown leather formal shoes.

Alternative Casual Wedding Dresses Styles Alternative Casual Wedding Dresses Collection for spring

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