African American Wedding Hairstyles with Hair Flowers

Speaking of African American women, usually we are also talking about the unique texture of their natural hair type. Well, it is true that American and African women appear differently with different types of hair. Some women have similar natural hair as like their American parent so that they look exotic with the straight or wavy hair. Some African American women were born with equal hair type like their African parent. Thus, they look unique with their tight curly hair as the natural hair. Nowadays, we are still talking about wedding hairstyle. And at this rate, various African American wedding hairstyles are displayed in this post to inspire us. To make this African American lady hairstyle for wedding is not boring. We will introduce some hairstyles with hair flower accessory combination to consider. Let’s check them out eventually.

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African American Wedding Hairstyles 2013 African American Wedding Hairstyles with Hair Flowers

We have actually discussed more about the hair flowers as hair accessory for wedding. This kind of hair ornament is very cute with its natural flower nuance though the flower is not real. Basically, this kind of hair accessory is made of fabric whether it is plain or patterned. The color options are so vary to choose according to your expression and feeling during the wedding. However, the hair flower is always suitable for any kind of hair including African American natural hair type. No wonder that the hair flower looks elegant in some samples of the African American wedding hairstyles here. A picture uploaded with this article shows us a beautiful African American bride with short tight curly hair. Because of its short length, this natural hair appears in Afro hairstyle.

African American Wedding Hairstyles Short African American Wedding Hairstyles with Hair Flowers

African American Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair African American Wedding Hairstyles with Hair Flowers

That’s why this lady wears hair band to keep this Afro hair tidier. Black hair band is not enough to support her special appearance on the wedding day. Thus, three white hair flowers are inserted on the left side of hair band as additional hair ornament. And as the result, these white flowers work effectively in maximizing the appearance of the black bride. The African American wedding hairstyles bun can be more adorable with flowers headband. The white flowers headband is intentionally applied to surround the big bun on the top of your head. And this black woman hairstyle looks extremely amazing.

African American Wedding Hairstyles and Hairdos African American Wedding Hairstyles with Hair Flowers


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